“And You Call Yourself a Christian?”

Being a Christian in some countries will get you imprisoned, tortured, beaten and even beheaded. Yes, beheaded. Like, cut your head off because you are a Christian. People all around the world hide their religion and worship in secret because they are scared of the consequences. Life in America is completely different. Being Christian in American means you’re safe from all of those things and you don’t have to hide your religious practices. That alone is enough to be thankful for. I shouldn’t even write anymore because that is enough to be thankful for. We are safe from those terrible things that happen in other countries. You won’t be thrown in jail for your religion.

I can, however, tell you what you are not safe from. You’re not safe from other Americans judging you or throwing your religion around when they feel like taking a jab at you.

When you openly talk about going to church and being Christian, you open yourself up to some ridiculous comments from others who want to use religion as a way to shame you, twist words, pressure you to do things, and try and make you feel bad for not giving them what they’re asking for. “You’re some kind of Christian, aren’t you?!?” It spews from mouths without hesitation at any available opportunity when the one speaking feels like they can put you down for not doing something they’d like. I do some volunteer work and you’d be surprised at some things I’ve been told there and even outside of there.

Can you pay my light bill? No? I thought you were Christian. Can I borrow $1,000 until payday? No? Wow. Some Christian you are. Will you take this lopsided trade that only benefits me? You can’t because it’s not fair? I thought you were a Christian, but I guess not.

By now, you’ve either said these words or had these words said to you. But why? Do people think that’s really going to work in their favor? Yes, I can help you, maybe not in the capacity that you’d wanted. One things for sure, after a comment like that is made, I’m glad I didn’t waste my time helping someone like that.

It doesn’t happen often but it happens. I’ve watch it happen to others too so I know I’m not alone. By all means, take a jab at me to make yourself feel better because you didn’t get everything you wanted. Just don’t cut off my head.


There’s Already Enough Stress Trying to Become Successful…

It never fails, anytime someone is doing good for themselves, there’s people on the outside trying to tear them down. We all know those people. When someone is successful, or becoming successful, there’s always people that immediately oppose them. Success to one person may not be success to another. Our ideas on what a successful life is may not be the same. I think though, we can all relate when we see someone doing good for themselves, other people try to take away some of that good with words or negative actions. Why is that? Jealousy? Do people dislike themselves so much that they can’t ever be happy? Even if that means being happy with other people? I think it’s a combination of those and more. People will always be jealous of others. That just fact. A little jealousy is OK. Instead of being overly jealous, you can take that jealousy and use it to motivate you to do better in your life. Did your friend buy a new house? Are you jealous because it’s nice, big,  has everything you wanted and has a pool? But then you talk about them behind their backs to others and say “How can they afford that? Where are they getting their money from? They must be living off of Mom and Dad.”


Use that jealousy to motivate you to buy a new house for yourself. Get things in order for you to do so. If it’s credit, repair your credit. If it’s financial, get a better job, go back to school, try to promote at the job you have, get a part time job. Do whatever it is that would give you the opportunity to buy the house that you want!


That’s a lot of work though. So let me tell you why people immediately find any reason to talk bad about someone or find something wrong with someone who’s becoming successful. It’s because finding any reason to talk bad about someone who’s doing better for themselves is EASIER than putting in the hard work and doing better for yourself! Instead of talking about them and finding any reason to spread rumors or be negative about their success, maybe we should be picking their brain for information and asking ourselves what can I do to be more successful? There’s nothing wrong with contacting someone and saying “I’ve seen you’ve been doing great, I’m trying to get there too. Do you have any help or advice for me?” I’ve done it. Still do it. Will do it again too. successful-people-unsuccessful-people

Imagine if when climbing the ladder of success you had support pushing you up the ladder instead of people trying to knock you off. Until then, surround yourself with successful people, and try to ignore the rest.