Don’t be Elle’s Daughter

I hadn’t planned on writing about this until I read more about this event this morning. I wake up at the latest around 6:30am daily. By now if I haven’t learned how to sleep in, it’s just never going to happen. I, like most of the population, reach for my phone shortly after I wake up. Everyone else in the house learned how to sleep in, so I read the news, watch sports highlights, then scroll through Facebook quietly. I was reading an article about an incident that took place on March 19, 2018 in Tempe, Arizona. A 49 year old woman, “Elle”, was killed walking across the street when she was hit by a self driving Uber car. Uber is a very popular company everywhere but in Alabama. Governor Ivy did pass some legislation earlier allowing Uber and other companies to move in to Alabama.

To quickly sum up Uber, it’s a taxi service where you can use an app to request a ride and someone local will pick you up in their car to take you. You pay through the app, rate the driver, and use Uber again when needed. Basically anyone could make extra money by being a taxi driver. Around here we rarely see a taxi, maybe some here and there in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. Back to Arizona. I had already seen this on the news that an Uber self driving car had hit someone crossing the street going 40 mph and that the self driving car program had been suspended in the United States. What I read new today that shocked me caused me to write this. 49 year old Elle was homeless. Elle was walking her bike across the street when she was hit by the self driving Uber car. The article says that Elle was on the right track to getting her life back together and getting off the streets and that she had been dealing with family and financial troubles that led her to be homeless. What I read next angered me. “Uber has settled out of court with Elle’s daughter and her husband for millions of dollars.”

What? You mean the daughter of Elle and her husband have been awarded millions of dollars after her mother who she allowed to be homeless was hit by a car? After her mother who was dealing with “family and financial struggles” was homeless and living on the street the daughter and son-in-law go after Uber for millions of dollars! Wow. I couldn’t imagine my mother being homeless. I would like to think my mother would never be homeless because of lot of bad things would have to happen to her to reach that point but even if all those things happened, my mother would live with me before she was homeless. Elle’s daughter doesn’t feel the same way. Elle was allowed to be homeless and was killed crossing the street and now the daughter who never fixed the family problems and who allowed the mother to be homeless will soon be a millionaire. Two wrongs don’t make a right. When you set your priorities in life, and most people put family toward the top, you act accordingly to take care of your priorities. You either fix your family problem, take your mother in when she’s facing homelessness, or move out on the street with her to protect her. You do not let a family member become homeless. If your family is not your priority, you don’t collect millions of dollars after an incident to your family member. It’s that simple. Lesson learned today. Don’t be Elle’s daughter.


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